Our Services

Recognizing that the change process necessary to accelerate your growth has to be holistic, the Corporate Clinic provides an an integrated portfolio of strategic solutions and tools to enable clients to achieve performance excellence We will work with you to examine both the potential to outsource your non-core activities and developing the right plan and processes for doing so with the view to minimize Operate and financial risks.

How We Do It

In addition to leadership support we provide a suite of facilitatory services through our Virtual Partnership Network of seasoned experts and professionals from varied backgrounds in general
project and risk management, marketing, research, leadership development etc.

Our flexibility and depth allows us to create tailored cost-effective, value-added solutions which respect your need to invest wisely in out-sourced services and see a measurable return on that investment.

Consultancy Services

  1. Risk Management
  2. Customize Capacity Strengthening
  3. Leadership Facilitation
  4. Team Engagement
  5. Organizational Development
  6. Project Management & Coordination
  7. Research
  8. Managing Cultural Dynamics
  9. Human Resource Development

We are also available for Retreat Facilitation, Coaching & Professional Counselling

Capacity Strengthening Workshops


  • Business Ethics and Social Graces
  • Managing Stress & Priorities
  • Work Life Balance¬†


  • Managing diversity to Enhance outcomes
  • Leading for results
  • Leading for cultural change
  • Promoting harmony through values based leadership
  • Leadership strengthening


  • How to Build your Professional Brand
  • How to Improve Customer Service Skills
  • Strengthening Team Resilience
  • Ways to strengthen Interpersonal Relationships


  • Building Strength Based Teams
  • How to Improve Team Excellence
  • How to improve Performance through Values
  • Best Practice in Communication &


  • Managing team performance
  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Work Organization and Time Management
  • Administrative Skills for the 21 Century
  • Improving Authenticity in the Workplace
  • Supervising for Team Harmony